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B2E – Business to Enterprise

A centralized solution to reach each and every requirement of your business.

Tkies Software Services supports an advanced B2E(Business to Enterprise) sales channel to the customer. The channel is most widely used among business organizations. It helps the corporate travelers to access the total travel products through one single platform with an easy to use interface. the booking tool can be easily integrated to any company by considering following things company budget, travel policies and preferred partners. B2E corporate travel portal solution is integrated with leading GDS systems. Tkies always ensures to make it as easy as it sounds.

The great strength of B2E platform is it offers a flexible online booking system to all varieties of business structure from small to huge companies by satisfying their business requirements with the most important feature accessing from single platform. Tkies always ensures to give the best on security, reliability and quality performance and believes which acts as a backbone for the success of any business.

Tkies guarantee the service and solutions delivered to the clients are with industry standard methodologists with high performance. We have been serving from years and we achieved an excellent reputation for customer care. Tkies has a partnered with number of leading airlines and hotel consolidators which serve the business requirements with quality in an efficient way.

Tkies provides market leading platform B2E for travel tourism industry. It includes the complete orbit of operations, from the business partners, promotion and sale to the overall management control. The long term success of any business depends on identifying the pulse of clients accordingly developing and providing the innovative services to the customers. Tkies always make sure stands for the value of customer.

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Airport Rd,Chacka,
Kerala 695008


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Tkies Software is working on the travel industry with key technologies and innovations for Travel companies, Travel agencies and Tour operators.

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