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B2B and B2C Web Portal Development

B2B and B2C Web Portal Development

Tkies Travel Technology

We support online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel tech startups to regenerate, unclog new opportunity and to build true value among customers.

B2B and B2C Web Portal Development         

Tkies a leading travel business in the raising travel industry, supports an advanced feature rich tool travel portal solutions to the industry which empowers the client to differentiate among their competitors successfully around the world. We make sure to design and develop an excellent travel portal solutions and software with latest technology as per the leading market helping the online travel companies, travel agencies and tour operators to reach out the each and every need of the end traveler.

B2c portal development

Tkies builds a web based travel portal supporting the clients all over the world. Our travel portal development assists the end traveler in online booking facility through website making their travel plan more comfortable and pleasant. Our services include travel portal development, B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, White label portal development, e-commerce portal development and other specialized web portals.

Tkies offers user-friendly, simpler tourism portal development services to the industry. We ensure in designing and developing an excellent travel portal software with secured web portal development services with cost effective depending on the module integrated to your travel portal.

Our Travel Portal Development Services

  • We specialized in B2B travel portal development
  • B2C travel portal
  • White label travel portal
  • Travel API development
  • Online booking system development
  • Corporate travel portal
  • Flight/Hotel/Car/Transfer/Sightseeing booking portal

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Tkies Software is working on the travel industry with key technologies and innovations for Travel companies, Travel agencies and Tour operators.

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