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Travel API

Tkies a unique leading travel technology company

We support online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel tech startups to regenerate, unclog new opportunity and to build true value among customers.

Travel API’s

Tkies Travel Technology have been effectively serving the travel industry, while helping travel agencies to raise in the industry by differentiating them from competitors and helping the customers to exploit the best deals.

Tkies Types of Travel API’s:

  • Tkies Flight API
  • Tkies Hotel API
  • Tkies Car API
  • Tkies Experience API
  • Tkies Transfer API

For every online Travel Agency (OTA’s), all these features are valuable assets in their applications.

Tkies Flight API:

Tkies flight API offers to aggregate the necessary information from all airlines, travel agents, e-commerce platform to support manage, book and much more through a single API. Tkies integrates a large number of GDS system and API’s from major flight suppliers. Therofore Tkies API offers the best airline auxiliary services, fares etc. With our flight API you can catch virtual data from any source, as a result providing the best wonderful deals to the clients.

Tkies Hotel API:

Tkies a centralized solution for all hotel online travel agencies and travel management companies of all leading hotel business. Our Hotel API offers a multiple number of connections to fit in to your business as per requirement, providing access to wide range of global content with an outstanding negotiated pricing from single API

Our flexible Hotel API offers you the choice to represent your information, details etc. in your own format. It supports you to merge data from multiple suppliers and distribute Travel content and information on your way. Our API especially most useful for the clients who has own website so they can able to manage whole booking system through one single API.

Car API:

Tkies Car API enables the customer by providing access for road transport solutions in many cities worldwide. Tkies Car API connects all international car rental brands and taxi transfers from all travel agents in many locations. Car API offers the best benefits to the customers like offers on deals etc. by making your car rental experience more pleasant.

Tkies Transfer API:

Tkies transfer API enables the customer in transport to and from Airports, Hotels, and Ports all over the world without any difficulty. Tkies Transfer API provides wide range of international and domestic services from airports and ports through Various Coach, Taxi, and Mini Bus. Our API also supports both B2B and B2C channels making your travel plan more existing.

Experience API’s:

Tkies offers sightseeing API’s for travel industry, with our Tkies Experience API Travel agents can provide best sightseeing plans for the customer through our single API. Tkies ensures to support you with economic growth by reducing the cost of transaction.

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Tkies Software is working on the travel industry with key technologies and innovations for Travel companies, Travel agencies and Tour operators.

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