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Travel Management Software | Tkies Software Services

Travel Management Software

Travel Management Software

Tkies Software Services is offers Travel Management Software, which manages various Modules like bookings, tours, accommodations, reservation period and much more.

We guarantee Tkies travel Management software supports customers as well as administrator in every aspect of their business needs.

For any Travel Management Company to grow successfully, there is a need of travel management software and business tools which supports them to be more productive and
efficient in a competitive world.

Travel Management software accompanies by every enterprise from small to large business, utilizing the massive benefits such as booking trips, supervise up and coming excursions, and track and report on past outings.

Either for long term user of travel management software or who are willing to reach the software for the first time, we provide you the best, for your business as per market.

Other important feature of travel management software, it includes automation of organization business travel and the ability to centralize travel invoices and vendors.


Transfer Booking Engine | Tkies Software Services

Transfer Booking Engine

Tkies Software Services is an enormous leading travel technology company, well recognized for providing the best service solutions to the travel industry successfully.

Now Tkies offers personalized transport services through leading suppliers from every single destination to reach the needs of individual customer in turn helps to increase their potential clients and to maximize profits.

Tkies Transfer Booking Engine acts as a complete solution for all your business requirements. Transfer booking engine allows the transfer from all major airports, hotels, stations and port around the world.

We support online/offshore module to develop B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, B2E distributor modules to develop online booking engines for the clients all over the world. We ensure to maintain the product by providing 24/7 technical and customer services.

B2B Travel Portal | Tkies Software Services

B2B Travel Portal

A continuous innovation in travel technology growth!!!

Tkies Software Services is a massive leading travel portal development company provides B2B Travel Portal enabling travel management companies and travel agents to serve their customers more efficiently.

B2B travel portal consider as a highly reputed travel portal connecting travel agents and customers around the world. Our B2B travel portal assists tour operators, consolidators as well as travel agents to transfer their business travel products efficiently to other business partners or subagents irrespective of subagents province, the system allows you
to access from anywhere around the world at any time.

Tkies B2B travel portal controls total business operations through web browser like creating subagents and their logins, editing credit/cash, activating/deactivating users/agents/suppliers, monitoring bookings/amendments/cancellations checking payments and evaluating sales/profit, at the same time subagents get the great benefit of accessing online bookings and
cancellations, setting up own markups for end customer booking, tracking sales and much

Tkies B2B travel portal the best recognized platform for all B2B travel solution business, serving travel agents, and travel management companies, sub agents in booking hotels, flights, cars and holiday packages of all real time inventories from a single platform.

Digital Marketing | Tkies Software Services

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Tkies Software Services is a successful leading travel portal development company working on Digital Marketing platforms. Digital marketing, the name itself says, it’s a marketing technique that uses digital technology and electronic devices to enhance their business.

Tkies aims to deliver digital marketing solutions to the industry that suits for your brand by increasing revenue to your business. We have creative talented team and experienced professional staff working on digital channels by utilizing latest technology.

It helps you to reach customers all over the world within no time. Devices like computers, smart phones, tablet supports to market your business products and services.We ensure to develop a flexible digital standard procedures which plays a major role in addressing your goals and also supports to strengthen your digital paths.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • Supports your Brand consistency and development
  • Helps in Driving new customers to your website
  • Enhances your business ahead of your competitors
  • Cost effective when compared to traditional marketing

Travel API | Travel Booking API | Tkies Software

Travel API

Tkies a unique leading travel technology company

We support online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel tech startups to regenerate, unclog new opportunity and to build true value among customers.

Travel API’s

Tkies Travel Technology have been effectively serving the travel industry, while helping travel agencies to raise in the industry by differentiating them from competitors and helping the customers to exploit the best deals.

Tkies Types of Travel API’s:

  • Tkies Flight API
  • Tkies Hotel API
  • Tkies Car API
  • Tkies Experience API
  • Tkies Transfer API

For every online Travel Agency (OTA’s), all these features are valuable assets in their applications.

Tkies Flight API:

Tkies flight API offers to aggregate the necessary information from all airlines, travel agents, e-commerce platform to support manage, book and much more through a single API. Tkies integrates a large number of GDS system and API’s from major flight suppliers. Therofore Tkies API offers the best airline auxiliary services, fares etc. With our flight API you can catch virtual data from any source, as a result providing the best wonderful deals to the clients.

Tkies Hotel API:

Tkies a centralized solution for all hotel online travel agencies and travel management companies of all leading hotel business. Our Hotel API offers a multiple number of connections to fit in to your business as per requirement, providing access to wide range of global content with an outstanding negotiated pricing from single API

Our flexible Hotel API offers you the choice to represent your information, details etc. in your own format. It supports you to merge data from multiple suppliers and distribute Travel content and information on your way. Our API especially most useful for the clients who has own website so they can able to manage whole booking system through one single API.

Car API:

Tkies Car API enables the customer by providing access for road transport solutions in many cities worldwide. Tkies Car API connects all international car rental brands and taxi transfers from all travel agents in many locations. Car API offers the best benefits to the customers like offers on deals etc. by making your car rental experience more pleasant.

Tkies Transfer API:

Tkies transfer API enables the customer in transport to and from Airports, Hotels, and Ports all over the world without any difficulty. Tkies Transfer API provides wide range of international and domestic services from airports and ports through Various Coach, Taxi, and Mini Bus. Our API also supports both B2B and B2C channels making your travel plan more existing.

Experience API’s:

Tkies offers sightseeing API’s for travel industry, with our Tkies Experience API Travel agents can provide best sightseeing plans for the customer through our single API. Tkies ensures to support you with economic growth by reducing the cost of transaction.

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B2B Travel Portal Development | Tkies Software Services

B2B Travel Portal Development

B2B Travel Portal Development

Tkies Software Services stands as a centralized solution empowering travel industry worldwide. We successfully providing services of software development, web designing development, e-commerce solutions, content management system, website designing development, classified website development, SEO/SEM internet marketing to the travel industry around the clock.

We ensure our B2B Travel Portal Development suits to any business size from small to large companies with extensive services of B2B portals.

Tikes offers a complete automated process in between trader and partner helping in processing the output without any troubles. Tkies provides complete web solutions efficiently to the travel industry making them to grow further.

We guarantee the solutions we design and develop are built by highly experienced developers by reaching the requirement of every client.

B2B and B2C Web Portal Development

B2B and B2C Web Portal Development

Tkies Travel Technology

We support online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel tech startups to regenerate, unclog new opportunity and to build true value among customers.

B2B and B2C Web Portal Development         

Tkies a leading travel business in the raising travel industry, supports an advanced feature rich tool travel portal solutions to the industry which empowers the client to differentiate among their competitors successfully around the world. We make sure to design and develop an excellent travel portal solutions and software with latest technology as per the leading market helping the online travel companies, travel agencies and tour operators to reach out the each and every need of the end traveler.

B2c portal development

Tkies builds a web based travel portal supporting the clients all over the world. Our travel portal development assists the end traveler in online booking facility through website making their travel plan more comfortable and pleasant. Our services include travel portal development, B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, White label portal development, e-commerce portal development and other specialized web portals.

Tkies offers user-friendly, simpler tourism portal development services to the industry. We ensure in designing and developing an excellent travel portal software with secured web portal development services with cost effective depending on the module integrated to your travel portal.

Our Travel Portal Development Services

  • We specialized in B2B travel portal development
  • B2C travel portal
  • White label travel portal
  • Travel API development
  • Online booking system development
  • Corporate travel portal
  • Flight/Hotel/Car/Transfer/Sightseeing booking portal

Hotel Booking Website Development | Tkies Software Services

Hotel booking website development

Tkies Software Services is a leading business in the travel industry standing prominently since from inception came forward with a new software Hotel Booking Website Development, which is very helpful to the hoteliers in hotel bookings and availability.

The website acts as a main source of communication for any customer therefore we should make sure the website is designed in an attractive way with the required information which in turn helps the travel company to boost revenue successfully among the competitors.

Our user friendly hotel booking engine is well designed that can easily blend into your website by fulfilling all your requirements.

Our Hotel Booking Portal can easily be integrated with any online website and any brand user interface, or to any third party booking engine quickly and effectively.

Tkies provides you with an extra beneficial feature that is you can easily update and control your website content with our custom travel management system software.

Hotel Booking Portal | Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking Portal

Tkies Software Services provides a one stop solution- Hotel Booking Portal for managing all hotels, villas, resorts and other accommodation providers. Tkies offers a most advanced web based hotel booking software to travel industry supporting all booking agencies and the people who want to start their own online hotel booking portal. Our fully featured hotel booking portal software can easily be added to your website irrespective of business size.

Tkies Hotel Booking Portal provides an online reservations which helps the end traveler in every aspect of hotel booking being at one place by reducing the physical effort of meeting travel agents for reservations. It is most suitable for any kind of destination all over the world around the clock. Therefore tkies Hotel Booking Portal guarantee for flexible, hassle-free, error-free booking for all tourists.

Travel Portal Development Cost| Travel Website Development

travel portal development

Tkies Software Services is one of the wonderful Travel Company around the travel industry. We provide services in all the major sector namely Travel Portal Development, travel booking engine development, travel solutions, GB/XML/API.

We are into online travel portal with low cost and provide the services within the audience needs. Tkies basically sells travel products to the customers that include includes flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, activities, packages and much more. To develop an OTA software, it’s important how effectively you manage the cost in building a website.

In the money market nothing is possible without a cost. Tkies helps you to overcome financial troubles in building travel portal software or online booking software.

Tkies ensures to follow the latest technology in building software in turn it helps any organization to run their business effectively within affordable cost. Therefore, our tkies Travel Portal Development software helps you to lead your business successfully by maximizing your sales and revenue.